Miles to Mountains



This summer has been amazing! There have been to many awesome shows to recap them all, but we want to give a BIG THANKS to everyone who has came out to see us!

+ Our record is almost done! It has been a long process but we are very excited! We hope to have a release party before the end of the year, stay tuned for more info...

Upcoming shows:
*picture from this years UMS!


We have been in the studio for the past month working on our record and it is going GREAT! We have some awesome people involved helping to make this record the best possible. We went to Black in Bluhm and worked with Chris Fogal when tracking drums and bass. Chris was great and his studio was top notch, we look forward to working with him again. Dan Aid from Wiredogs is producing this record and we are thrilled at everything he has done so far to help us. As I write this we are taking a break from recording the guitars. We have one song left and hope to start vocals this weekend! We are very excited for what is yet to come!

Lets recap some shows...

2.28.14 we were at Lions Lair. We got really drunk and...

3.20.14 we got to play at Summit Music Hall's Moon Room and it was a blast. We had a great turn out and we want to thank everyone that came out. Special thanks to the crowd dancing during our set! Bridges Will Break put on a great show and we look forward to playing with them at the end of May in Colorado Springs. Below is a photo from the show! *photo credit Roo



Its been a while...and so far this year has been off to a great start! We have played some AWESOME shows! Let me break it down for you...

1.11.14 we played at 7th Circle with No More Excuses, The Hunky Newcomers, and Couch Bombs! This show was awesome! We were happy to make some new friends and meet some cool bands! Thanks to everyone that came out. Special thanks to Aaron and the 7th Circle crew!

1.23.14 we rocked out at Hi-Dive...It was a very cold night but with the whiskey and beer flowing we were able to make the best of it! We shared the stage with some of our friends in Saturn Cowboys (check them out), Blood Lines, and No More Excuses! Thanks to all the bands for making it a great night!

2.6.14 we played at Larimer Lounge on another very cold night. We were honored to be playing with some of our friends and their new band Sugar Skulls and Marigolds! It was their first show and these guys ROCKED!!! Be sure to check out their show sometime!!!

Finally on 2.14.14 we played at Marquis Theater with The Types, No More Excuses, and LAMA LIVE. This was a BIG show for us! The crowd was AWESOME, thanks to everyone that came out and made the night awesome. We really need to thank our awesome girlfriends for letting us play a show on Valentines Day! Thank you Roo, Steph and Dani! Hope you girls had a good night! + Happy Birthday to Roo!

Photo from 1.11 @ 7th Circle taken by Clockwork Luna Photography


We closed out the year with our best show yet! On 12.19 @ Marquis Theater we got to play with Stars in Stereo! Thanks to EVERYONE that came out! We had a great time with all of you and we look forward to doing it again! Specail thanks to everyone that snagged our first press of shirts and stuck around to talk with us after the show.

We had a great year and we want to thank all of you who helped us do it. This is going to be an exciting 2014! We have a record set to release in early 2014 and we will be booking some great shows. Keep checking back and we hope to see you out at a show this year. We hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!

Check out photos from the show here!

2014 Shows:


We had a great weekend of shows! Friday at Lions Lair was great. We got Jacob to rock the Lion costume for a few songs and shared the stage with local favorites Remember the Radio. Check out the photos!

Saturday 12.14 we were throwing down at Tennyson's Tap! Mmmmmmmm the whiskey was good and the crowd was lovely. Thanks to all our good friends that came out to support. Special thanks to Brandy from Girl Wreck Presents!

Our Last show of the year is this Thursday 12.19 @ Marquis Theater with Stars in Stereo. Rumor has it that this show is going to have free drinks for the 21+ crowd. The show is all ages.  We will have Miles to Mountains T-Shirts available!

12.2.13 -

Its been a while...but we are still rolling! We have played 5 shows since we last checked in and they were all great!

Our visit back to 12 Volt Tavern in Arvada on 10.26 was awesome! Since this show was so close to Halloween we had mosh pitting bears and all sorts of craziness happening during our set. Thanks to the people afterwards that came up and chatted with us, we appreciated your kind words! Especially the one guy who was attempting to sing along all night in the mic. It was obvious he had never heard us before but that guy was awesome! As always the people and staff at 12 Volt were great! Thanks to Brandy at Girl Wreck Presents for giving us another awesome gig!

On 11.2 we were at Merchants Mile High Saloon and we are never playing there again.

We were at Lost Lake on 11.6 with some awesome touring bands! Our favorite of the night was Lonesome Shack! They have a really cool sound so check them out! *They also had a very very very awesome T-shirt with Shaq's face on it = awesome. I (Aaron) regret not making this purchase...still bumming me out as a write this post.

11.7 we were at The Church with Denver's Bridges Will Break! They rocked! We look forward to playing with these guys again soon! Thanks to Gutter Rat Productions for giving us this opportunity!

11.15 we closed out the stretch with a fun action packed night at Bushwackers Salloon! The whiskey was good and the venue is one of a kind! If you ever get a chance to go here for a show or even just a drink DO IT! Be sure to check out the awesome decor on the walls around you while you soak up the awesomeness of this place. We look forward to playing there again! We played with Flint Forehead and they were great soooooo check them out!

Pic from The Church on 11.7 - Roo

Upcoming shows:
  • December 2nd @ Secret Show
  • December 13th @ Lions Lar
  • December 14th @ Tennyson's Tap
  • December 19th @ The Marquis
  • January 11th @ 7th Circle

10.22.13 -

Well what can we say...the past weeks have been crazy!

On 10.11 we got to play our first show at 7th Circle in Denver with some really awesome bands! Headlining the tour from the suburbs of Illinois was Real Friends. Also on this show was Crazy Eyes, Mixtapes, Forever Came Calling, and Pentimento. We wish all the bands on tour safe travels as they continue the tour through November. Thanks to all the people that came out and talked to us afterwards! Special thanks to our good friend Rich G. from Ghosthouse for filling in on bass that night while Jacob was out of town.

We played a show on 10.18 @ Lost Lake with Remember the Radio however we don't remember anything from this show. Pretty sure we all blacked out mid set. Thanks bartender.

Here is a pic from the 7th Circle show on 10.11 - Thanks Roo!

Here are the shows for the rest of the year:
  • October 26th @ 12 Volt, Arvada
  • November 2nd @ Merchants Mile High Saloon
  • November 6th @ Lost Lake
  • November 7th @ The Church
  • November 15th @ Bushwacker's Saloon
  • December 13th @ Lions Lar
  • December 14th @ Tennyson's Tap

9.29.13 -

It has been a busy last couple weeks! On 9.13 @ Lions Lair we had a great evening and met some cool bands! Bobby Meader from Las Vegas was a great musician and a really cool guy to hang out with. We wish him best of luck with the rest of his tour!

This weekend on 9.27 we had Tennyson's Tap...this was one of our favoirite shows yet! The crowd was awesome and we really enjoyed the venue! The girls that were moshing during our set were great, cheers to them. Special thanks to Brandy from Girl Wreck Presents for her support and providing us another awesome show! Thanks to all the friends that came out to this show! You made this a great night!

Here is a list of upcoming shows
  • October 11th @ 7th Circle
  • October 18th @ Lost Lake
  • October 26th @ 12 Volt, Arvada
  • November 2nd @ Merchants Mile High Saloon
  • November 15th @ Bushwacker's Saloon
  • December 14th @ Tennyson's Tap


We have played two shows since we last checked in. Our Sept. 3rd show at Hi-Dive Denver was a great time and we had a lot of fun with everyone that came out. We had a blast playing with Ol' Hickory of Denver and Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas! Those bands were great, check them out!

On Saturday Sept. 7th we played at 12 Volt in Arvada. There was some sort of festival happening which closed all the streets and brought a lot of heavily intoxicated people inside. We got to drive on some train tracks, see a Ferris wheel, kill a 30 pack of PBR before the show, and see a lot of weirdo's peeing everywhere...great times! This show was also our first show with our new bassist Jacob Porter. Jacob is a great friend and musician, we are very exciting to have him joining us. It is undetermined whether he will be a permanent or temporary fix as our bassist but either way we are thrilled to have him playing with us!

Here are upcoming shows for the rest of this month:
  • September 14th @ Lions Lair
  • September 20th @ Cheers (120th & Washington)
  • September 27th @ Tennysons Tap
  • September 28th @ Barkley Ballroom, Frisco

See you out there!

8.28.13 -

Welcome to our new site! We will be posting frequently so keep coming back!

The past few weeks have been awesome! We have played some great shows with some amazing bands. Our favorite show since we have been a band happened this past weekend at The Moon Room/Summit Music Hall with The Protomen! We had an amazing time playing this show! The crowd was awesome! The only person missing was our boy Curtis! Curtis has been a HUGE help to our band this year. If you have been to our shows you probably saw Curtis come up on stage and sing a few times while partying his ass off.

We are also getting ready for a short tour in the beginning of October. We have a few dates in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas confirmed. We are looking forward to meeting some great people and awesome bands along the way!

We have some exciting shows coming up this month:
  • September 3rd @ The Hi-Dive w/ Jessica Hernandez and The Deltas
  • September 7th @ 12 Volt, Arvada
  • September 14th @ Lions Lair
  • September 20th @ Cheers (120th & Washington)
  • September 27th @ Tennysons Tap
  • September 28th @ Barkley Ballroom, Frisco
For a full list of shows and tour information click here.